What Nashville Neuromuscular Care Massage Therapy Clients say:


 Including results of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy for TMJ pain & treatment, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headaches,

Low Back Pain, Hip and Knee Pain, Foot and Ankle Pain, Musicians re Voice issues, Hand and Arm issues, Corrective Exercise, Kinesiotaping, Ergonomic Education, Benign Postural Vertigo/Dizziness, Fibromyalgia,  General Malaise



“Coupled with her experience and educational expertise, Rebecca has a natural and instinctive ability to enable her clients to improve body awareness, posture and fitness. She is warm and caring and provides a realistic path to pain relief incorporating a holistic approach. I highly recommend Rebecca or any member of her team.” ~Cathy Werthan, CPA Consulting Group  


"Don’t spend another moment in pain. Go to Nashville Neuromuscular Center and see Angie. She understands how the human body is wired, one part to another, from the bones to the muscles to the nerves. I had 4 joint replacements and even though I had prescribed PT elsewhere there were some lingering issues only Angie was able to identify and eliminate. What I love about Angie is how she helps you continue your progress by giving you written instructions on specific movements to do at home. These accelerated my recovery quickly giving me increased strength and stability in my daily activities. Thank you Angie." - Nancy Merk


“Nashville Neuromuscular Center is our first choice for soft tissue therapy. We have been very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the therapists, and they have consistently delivered superior results for our clients. Rebecca is truly an expert in her field. She is very experienced, very knowledgeable, and very fun too! We are 100% confident sending clients." ~Dan DeFigio     



"I feel like I have been to every place in Nashville that offers 'neuromuscular therapy.' I have never had anything that even comes close to the approach Rebecca Saindon and the Nashville Neuromuscular Center provides. They are so thorough and the techniques are way different from all the other people who do neuromuscular work. I got real relief from my symptoms for the first time in 12 years, and it's lasted for over 6 months as of today. These folks are the real deal!" ~Jenny D. 

"I regularly refer patients with medical conditions that benefit from massage therapy. They have always shown the utmost professionalism and compassion." ~Dr. Jim Johnson, Orthopedic MD

Nashville Neuromuscular Care, LLC      2821 Erica Place      Nashville, TN    37204     PainFree@NNCweb.com      615-297-4559

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