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Angie has changed my life! - Angie has absolutely made a huge difference in my daily life. I had so many issues from a bad fall before seeing her - and I had been to all sorts of massage therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists before her. None of it came close to doing what she’s done for my body. She is amazing at what she does and incredibly knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone!!


Outstanding Pain Relief- After tons of doctor’s appointments and literally thousands of dollars, I finally found something that gave me my quality of life back. I thought I might have to try for disability, but I’m able to go to work with absolutely no to little pain. Angie is a miracle worker. I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m forever grateful that I found Angie. 


Don’t spend another moment in pain. Go to NNC and see Angie. She understands how the human body is wired, one part to another, from the bones to the muscles to the nerves. I had 4 joint replacements and even though I had prescribed PT elsewhere there were some lingering issues only Angie was able to identify and eliminate. What I love about Angie is how she helps you continue your progress by giving you written instructions on specific movements to do at home. These accelerated my recovery quickly giving me increased strength and stability in my daily activities. Thank you Angie.


Highly Recommended - I would recommend Nashville Neuromuscular Care to anyone interested in improving quality of life or preventing injury. Angie is a total pro and very easy to work with!


Angie was very helpful. I was getting ready to go on a hiking trip in Europe in a couple of weeks (Murphy's Law in effect) and had an acute back pain. Two visits with Angie and some instruction from her and I feel much better and confident of a great trip. Thank you Angie!


Unbelievable - After 10+ years of pain, I had come to believe that I would live in chronic pain for the rest of my life. After one appointment I walked out of the office and felt like a different person. When I got home my wife immediately said, "Looks like that helped!" My whole mood was different. I honestly did not think Angie could help me as much as she did.


Sitting and walking straighter - After two sessions with Angie I am noticing that my body wants to remain in the right posture. And, she is attending to root causes of my bad posture.


Outstanding - If you're looking for targeted therapeutic massage therapy, Angie is one of the best practitioners I've ever worked with. I've seen her a couple times now for different reasons, she's great at assessing the situation and figuring out what is going on. She also provides exercises and stretches to help your body move properly. I can't recommend her enough.


Excellent care - Although I was somewhat anxious about the visit, Angie put me at ease and I was able to relax. Her approach was gentle and she continually asked for feedback. Definitely a positive session.


After 4 days of strenuous activity, I was in constant pain in both hips from arthritis, so much that walking required real effort. Thank, Angie, for helping me and getting to the source of the pain! Really amazing relief.


Angie has been the most committed ally in finding the root of my chronic right side issue, going above and beyond after hours. Not only has her work made me feel so much better, she directs me to the right direction of next steps of exercises & connecting me with trusted contacts for other treatments. I feel so much better having worked with her and she has changed my daily life. She continues to go above and beyond and I could not recommend her enough!

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