"I went to see Angie Gray for a massage but unlike other massages I've gotten in the past, she worked on my lower back and relieved pain I had been holding for years. She also worked on my jaw (from teeth grinding) and I have never felt more relief. I highly recommend Angie for any sort of pain reduction." - Carolyn S

"After a serious car accident 3 years ago, I have traveled the world in search of a massage therapist who could give me long lasting pain relief (jaw pain, neck and back pain).  For the first time since my accident, I have been pain free for an entire month after only ONE session with Rebecca.  I had serious TMJD and she worked absolute wonders on my jaw.  She measured how far I could open my mouth before AND after she worked on me and the difference was remarkable.  It only took a few minutes for my mouth to feel completely pain free.  This is not your average massage... The people at NNC are highly educated on the way our bodies work.  They look at the whole picture and care about relieving your pain once and for all.  I can't recommend them highly enough!" ~ L.L. Singer/Songwriter


"As a neuromuscular dentist, I routinely bring neuromuscular massage therapists such as John Barrera in Corpus Christi,Tx and Rebecca Saindon in Nashville, TN into a patient’s therapy. These two neuromuscular physical therapists are both Paul St. John trained and are both educators.  These other disciplines are often necessary to get optimal results." ~ Dr. Don Lowrance, DDS

"I suffered from severe pain in my jaw due to TMJ. I was not able to eat anything that had to be chewed and could hardly open my mouth. My orthodontist tried to treat me with different night guards and finally sent me to an oral surgeon who of course suggested surgery. I started to do my own research on how to treat TMJ pain and I found the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I made an appointment for neuromuscular massage with Rebecca Saindon, who started to work on the muscles of my jaw and neck. I had immediate relief and within a few weeks I was back to eating carrots! I still see Rebecca once a month and would recommend her to anyone with any pain problems." ~Christine Johnson, CPA

"I would wake up in tears with pain in my jaw. Couldn't eat anything that required any chewing. My dentist had not been able to do anything to relieve the pain or help me open my mouth any wider. During a visit to Knoxville, my friend Rebecca Saindon convinced me to let her work on the muscles of my neck and jaw. I found relief that day for the first time, and over the next 6 weeks, I would drive to NNC from Knoxville, knowing my help was only 200 miles away. Rebecca worked on me a total of 4 times and taught me how to self-initiate early intervention techniques to prevent the onset of any flare ups. After the 4th treatment, the pain was completely gone. It's been 4 years now and my TMJ problem hasn't returned. I eat normally and can even enjoy a good steak." ~Debby LovinBuuck, Social worker