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Having Low Back Pain?

Experience Relief with Neuromuscular and NeuroKinetic Therapy

I went to see Angie for the first time yesterday. After my back surgery 12 years ago, I have struggled with consistent pain. I am already feeling much better after one session and am looking forward to feeling better and better.

- John R.

Back Pain seems to be increasing. And yet no two problematic backs are the same, nor do they stem from the same causes. Low back pain arises from many sources, all of which themselves are the result of an inefficient posture position which puts the structure at risk during activity. For each person with back pain, their pain may be arising from a different set of postural elements and myofascial conditions. All low back pain simply cannot be treated in the same way for all people. It is a very personal concern, and unique to the individual.

Regardless of whether you hurt your back during a game of golf or tennis, working out at the gym, or simply bending over to pick up a pencil, there was a reason the muscles and soft tissues did not hold up under that load. Your Neuromuscular Therapist at Nashville Neuromuscular Care can help you figure out what happened and why and how to get your body in a better position to do the things you love without pain or injury.

Clinical massage techniques and corrective exercise therapy can relieve the pain associated with low back dysfunction; often very quickly in the hands of an experienced therapist. Assessing the precise structural deviations that set a body up for back pain requires a unique skill set. We enjoy guiding our clients as they remodel their bodies and lifestyles to ultimately eliminate the risk for future setbacks.

People set themselves up directly for Low Back Pain by the way they sit, by sitting too much, or by sleeping in a fetal curl. But did you know that you also set yourself up for Low Back Pain by the shoes you wear, your foot posture, the way you hold your knees, and the tilt of your pelvis? It is the physical load of your body weight and where it is placed on your skeleton that contributes most heavily to a resulting low back condition, whether it is diagnosed as a disc bulge, disc herniation, scoliosis, degenerative disc condition, arthritis, stenosis, facet arthropathy, pinched nerve, or spondylolisthesis.

Through the musculoskeletal soft tissue release, your therapist at the Nashville Neuromuscular Care will be able to help you relieve your pain and keep it at bay, teaching you how to avoid low back injury risks in the future.

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