In our clinical massage practice in Nashville, TN, we have had excellent success relieving the following:

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Neck Pain


TMJ Pain

Arm & Shoulder Pain

Carpal Tunnel Pain

Tennis & Golfer's Elbow

Pain between the Shoulder Blades

Low Back Pain

Hip and Knee Pain

Sciatic Pain


Ankle Pain

Foot and Heel Pain

These pains may have been caused by Auto Accidents, Whiplash, Falls, Work Related Injuries, Sports Injuries, Repetitive Use, Sitting for Extended Periods of Time at a Desk, Scoliosis, Postural Deviations, Plantar Fasciitis, Soft Tissue Injuries, Scar Tissue.

If you are in the Nashville area and are experiencing pain, give us a call.  If you are looking to understand the underlying cause of your pain and acquire more preventative solutions for long lasting relief, you have come to the right place. Our therapists are ready to offer great advice and produce real help for your situation.

In our experience, over 90% of the soft tissue pain syndromes we see can be resolved by following our specific Neuromuscular and Corrective Movement protocols. However, there are some incidents of pain that are not caused simply by muscle or postural imbalances, and these situations may require medical intervention.  If you have dramatic sudden loss of strength or muscle size, extreme coordination problems, bowel or bladder dysfunction, or a true deadened numbness with absolutely no feeling as opposed to a superficial 'numb like' sensation, you should see your doctor for medical evaluation.

"NNC offers a holistic approach to pain relief. The NNC therapists’ credentials are impressive ." ~Health and Wellness Magazine