If your lifestyle doesn't control your body,
Eventually your body will control your lifestyle.


Don't let pain keep you from doing the things you enjoy. We find that most chronic pain is due to some long term postural deviation. You can change your posture and dissolve your pain.


NNC is about permanent problem-solving, not chasing the pain. Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is different from relaxation massage or simple deep tissue massage. The people we see have specific problems. The treatments we provide draw from a wide variety of body work techniques which we combine under the moniker of our core work 'Neuromuscular Therapy.'  If you get regular massage work and it feels great, but the same pain keeps coming back, then you might want to give us a try. We're not interested in having folks be dependent on us week after week to keep their same old pains at bay. We actually want to resolve the source of that pain, so it is no longer an issue!  While we strive to educate and help our clients know how to help themselves, once that pain issue has been resolved, we can send you back to your regular massage therapist, or you may choose to continue with us for a regular schedule of maintenance on a monthly, quarterly, or 'as needed' basis, knowing these regular tune ups will help prevent future injury and give a better understanding of the musculoskeletal system and biomechanics.