"Rebecca, I think that Kinesio-Tex Tape you put on my foot might be magic! Of course, it might be the angle you used, or the way you stuck it to  my ankle and shin...or for some other mysterious reason, but it WORKS! I have gone from having an unusual but persistent pain in my foot to having no pain at all!  And, I didn't change shoes or arch supports, or anything, so it must be YOU who made the difference.Either that, or it is magic. So glad you have added that to your repertoire." ~Jan Simmons Wenzler


"I have chronic problems with my muscles connecting with an arthritic hip and knee. The taping technique that NNC is doing really makes a difference! The first time I was taped, I was not sure what would happen. The next day at work where I needed to be on my feet for 8 hours dealing with the public - I made it without difficulty! It was really surprising! I've been going back for subsequent tapings and find that the muscles are responding and walking is becoming easier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for three weeks in Europe this summer! " ~Anne Henderson


"Ok, you know I did this taping thing just because you asked me.  I don’t believe in crazy things like this.  I joked with [my boyfriend] about my voodoo tape. I walked this morning and it is the first time my hip DID NOT hurt.  My right hip always hurts pretty badly .  That first morning  and all through the weekend my right one did not hurt at all.  I still cannot believe it.  Oh yeah, no ibuprofen needed either!!!!! It finally came off after 5 days. I forgot to tell you, I walked 4 miles with no pain.  Woo Hoo!!!  I’m addicted to tape." ~Nina Crain