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Do you have Scar Tissue?

Experience Relief with Scar Tissue Release

"I highly recommend Angie Gray. I have done to her for years for work on my lower back and neck. Most recently, I saw her for scar release on my C-section scar. Her work has brought healing and relief to my body."

- Kelli R.M.

Nashville Neuromuscular Care - Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and NeuroKinetic Therapist. We release Scar Tissue and educate on how posture and muscle imbalance may be involved with pain and decreased Range of Motion.


Recognizing scar tissue in the plan of treatment is a very important factor when working with a client. Oftentimes, scarring plays a role in the symptoms a client might be feeling. Not address a scar may impede the process of healing and impact the neural pathways in the body, impacting muscular imbalances. Therefore, treatment of the scar tissue is viewed as a key component in the treatment offered at NNC. Scar release work will strength your treatment results and
help to create long term recovery of relieving symptoms of pain and decreased Range of Motion.

"The treatment of active scars can be of importance in a great number of cases; untreated, active scars are an important cause of therapeutic failure." - Source:


Your therapist will go over your history, do a full postural evaluation, muscle testing, and treatment to address the issue and the other muscular / postural factors that might be contributing to your pain.

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