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Having Neck Pain?

Experience Relief with Neuromuscular and NeuroKinetic Therapy

Angie was extremely helpful, I feel some hope that I can do something about this chronic neck pain that has plagued me for years.

- Eric W.

A lot of clients suffer with Neck Pain. Sometimes this neck pain is associated with Headaches, and sometimes the neck pain is coupled with shoulder and upper back discomforts. There is a continuum here between the myofascial and musculoskeletal structures which connect the neck with those structure above and below. One of the most common culprits for causing neck pain is Posture.

Posture is all about gravity. Gravity is the vertical force causing an atmospheric pressure of some 13-15 pounds of pressure on every square inch of our bodies. So we want our body mass to be supported by the hard structure of our skeletal bones. Frequently, we position our heads out in front of our bodies and then the head no longer has the support of the skeletal spine under it. The only safety net now is for the muscles in the back of the neck to hold on like little cranes to keep the 9-12 pound head from succumbing to the force of gravity which is pulling/pushing it down toward the chest. These neck muscles quickly get fatigued and injured because the load placed on them is more than they are designed to handle.

Learning how to line up your sitting posture will serve you well in avoiding Neck Pain. But if it's already become an issue, your therapist at Nashville Neuromuscular Care can easily and efficiently help you understand which tissues in your neck are involved and how to adjust your position to alleviate further damage. The expert massage techniques we employ will calm the pain, unlock the restrictions which limit movement, and get you back on the path to pain free living.

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