"Angie really knows how everything in the body is connected. You walk out pleasantly “fixed” and with home routInes to keep you that way. She’ll tell you you might hurt from certain procedures but I never do. She’s wonderful." - Nancy M.


"Sitting and walking straighter - After two sessions with Angie I am noticing that my body wants to remain in the right posture. And, she is attending to root causes of my bad posture." - Heather E.

"After 4 days of strenuous activity, I was in constant pain in both hips from arthritis, so much that walking required real effort. Thank you, Angie, for helping me and getting to the source of the pain! Really amazing relief." - D.B. 

"We have been nothing less than amazed at the impact of your [Angie's] work, especially on the hip where the tendinitis was pulling so tight. One would never dream such light touch could have that much impact!" - C.K.

"Working with the staff at Nashville Neuromuscular Center (NNC) was a life-changing experience. I can't account for all that I've learned, developed, and healed because I went to NNC for help with what I referred to as "the pain in my butt." The NNC staff solved the complex mystery, educated me, treated me, and created an individualized plan that is helping me move back into the natural alignment my body was designed to maintain.  The changes are dramatic. I can effortlessly engage muscles that I didn't know I had in the beginning. I can't believe the improvement in my strength, flexibility, and stamina… even my yoga teacher asked what I was doing differently. Every week more people tell me how different I look. "Something has changed," they say. I look taller, thinner, more healthy. Thank you NNC!!"  ~Christy Farr, Life Coach

Pros: Skill, education, location, parking
Cons: Not a single one!
"I had chronic knee, hip and back pain for 15 years. My daughter introduced me to massage which felt great, but didn't really change my situation in the long run. I kept trying different neuromuscular massage therapists in Nashville, but it was only when I worked with Rebecca and the Nashville Neuromuscular Center that things began to really change for the better. The neuromuscular therapists at NNC seem to have a knowledge and understanding I did not find anywhere else. With their help I am now walking with ease and sleeping without pain. I highly recommend Nashville Neuromuscular Center."

Would you recommend this business to a friend?

Yes! definitely.

- D. Bright 

"I was referred to Rebecca at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center after dealing with very painful lower right leg pain for over a year. I had been told to accept the pain as something I would have to deal with since "serious" issues had been ruled out. Rebecca immediately started working with me with several methods, stretching, neuro massage therapy, and kinesio tape. No kidding, after the first visit I was pain free. Rebecca told me that it would take a little time, and it turned out she was right. The pain came back, but not as bad, and then continued to lessen over the next 3-4 weeks until it was gone. I visited Rebecca once weekly. I am now pain free, and forever grateful that I took this step. Please don't accept what others tell you about living with pain until you have explored your pain with NNC and Rebecca. This is a highly professional, personal, and caring business that LISTENS to you when you talk. Thank you Rebecca, for making such a difference in my quality of life!"  ~Sandy M. 2011 

(Note: Seems everyone else was working on Sandy's leg. We found the problem to be in her back. Nashville Neuromuscular Center treats both the pain and the SOURCE of the pain. That made all the difference.)

"I came to the NNC with chronic pain in my sides and hips that kept me from typing, washing dishes or walking for more than a block. Doctors had not found a cause or an effective treatment. Rebecca Saindon was able to trace the pain to its source and I had significant relief after a couple of sessions. I would highly recommend Rebecca and the NNC to anyone, especially if other therapies haven't worked." - Jennifer Barnett, Journalist

"For 14 years, half my life, I suffered from hip pain. I had seen several doctors and had no satisfactory results or explanations for the pain. As time went on the hip pain became more frequent and much more severe. Still X-rays and MRI did not show significant damage to the joint. Physical therapy had not helped and the current doctor could only offer a surgery that could potentially make the problem worse. My sister, an occupational therapist, suggested that I try Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and she found the Nashville Neuromuscular Center for me. From my first session with Rebecca Saindon, I experienced drastic improvements. Not only did my pain subside, but I also noticed huge improvements in my ability to move, as well as a lot more energy. Further sessions built on this framework and improved my problem even more. It has been about 2 months since my last session and I still feel great! ~ Lynn Samuelson, Vanderbilt Medical Researcher