"I am a  recording artist and have been performing professionally since I was a young girl. My voice is how I make my living. I went through a surgery recently and had to be put under general anesthesia. Ten days later I went into the recording studio and sang for a new project. I could tell my voice was simply not 100%. It was determined that my vocal cords were healthy and there was no lasting effect from the anesthesia. My doctor suggested massage. I have gone to Rebecca Saindon several times for other issues but this time she wanted to focus on the muscles in my neck and specifically around the larynx. This was  definitely a new experience. After just two sessions my voice became stronger and the muscle tension decreaseddramatically. She did an incredible job and I would highly recommend her for singers or those who use their voices frequently in their professions. ~Elizabeth Montgomery


"As a professional guitar player, sometimes my hands and arms get tightened and stressed. Angie helped loosen some things in my neck and shoulder area that give me relief. I'll certainly return for more sessions. All in all a great visit! Highly recommend." ~Jeff King

" I am a professional musician, I play bass guitar. During this past summer I was having serious problems with my left hand, it was going "to sleep", and neck pain from an old injury/surgery. At the time of this occurrence I was terrified that my job and livelihood were in jeopardy. I was recommended to Rebecca at Nashville Neuromuscular Center by another patient of hers. I have had four sessions now between a very hectic touring schedule. I am happy to report that the numbness in my hand has subsided dramatically and my neck pain as well. I am incredibly encouraged, and much relieved by the work Rebecca has done." ~sincerely, John Cowan

"I'm a musician. My hands were going numb. Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center was very instrumental in completely healing this condition. Additionally, the training and exercises I was taught there have kept me in great form. The highest of recommendations". ~Tim Lorsch

"I went to NNC for arm & back problems associated with playing guitar. The deep massage helped relieve my pain and loosen my muscles, but more importantly, the exercises I was taught help me stay pain-free and flexible; and if the pain returns, I just start back exercising and in a short amount of time I'm better again." ~Tiger Fitzhugh