"It's been Fabulous!  I never expected "The Basics" to be so simple in correcting poor posture.  It certainly has been a remarkable experience, and I am very happy that I located your facility." ~name withheld by request


Over the years, I have tried several strengthening programs, but always ended up with pain caused by scoliosis-related imbalances. Not so with Rebecca Saindon's approach... ~Janine Van


"Last summer I was experiencing knee pain and limitations daily. When I presented my problem to Rebecca Saindon, she gave on-the-spot feedback and suggestions. After 3 months, I am basically pain-free and  I am convinced that Rebecca's treatment plan saved my knee from surgery." ~ former Centennial Sportspex Facility Coordinator 


"Things are going well with the Posture Correction program. I'm a big fan, and have had no significant pain since we last spoke. I've been paying close attention to my knees for the past few weeks. I feel like my body is at last learning what it feels like to stand correctly. That's going to take time, but overall I feel great." ~Tommy Perkinson


"I feel amazing, better than I've felt in a long time! I'm so happy I came across your website. I can't thank you enough!" Kathy P.