Nashville Neuromuscular Care (formerly known as Nashville Neuromuscular Center) has been in practice since 1994. We provide Clinical Bodywork, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Neurokinetic Therapy, and Posture Corrective Movement. Our sessions are always designed for your unique body and situation and always focus on Relieving Pain and Restoring Posture.  We are skilled and experienced therapeutic massage therapists, each with our own individual skill sets and approaches to bodywork and client care. Our clients find diversity in treatment techniques to choose from and often combine or alternate sessions with both of us for comprehensive results. We maintain certification in our modalities as a relevant standard of proficiency built from evidence-based practices. Both Angie and Rebecca are trained in corrective exercise to enhance our manual work with movement therapy. The treatments provided by NNC draw from a wide variety of bodywork techniques which are integrated under the moniker of our core name 'Neuromuscular' or more accurately 'Neuro-Myo-Fascial Therapy' 



Neuromuscular Massage Therapy begins with a thorough assessment of the client's individual posture, history, and movement patterns. Without assessment a therapist is simply guessing and treating the symptoms. Using this information, your NNC therapist designs a plan which includes clinical bodywork and movement homework to address and correct the imbalances which have been revealed. The movement piece is an important part of rehab. We recognize that therapeutic massage alone is not enough to create permanent change. Specific and precise strengthening is a key element in the process of relieving pain and restoring posture.

Angie and Rebecca have been Certified as Corrective Exercise and Posture Alignment Specialists, learning from exercise leaders like NASM and Paul Chek to ensure the knowledge necessary to be working within this scope of practice. We offer a precise targeting of the trouble areas to correct asymmetrical movements, which are to be done on a temporary basis until the change has been realized and your pain is resolved. Then we send you off to workout in whatever modality you prefer, armed with tips on how to make it work for your unique structure. The NNC team is now moving toward incorporating the techniques of NeuroKinetic Therapy/Neuromuscular Reprogramming and Fascial Fitness into their work as the new research develops.  

NNC approaches their work from a whole body perspective, not just working on a localized pain. They are committed to providing excellent care. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate your ability to attain the most efficient body posture to maximize pain-free movement patterns and to educate you about how to maintain, without being dependent of any particular therapist or modality week after week to keep you functioning well.  Nashville Neuromuscular Care's therapists are constantly evolving and strive to maintain a true level of expertise. If NNC is not geographically convenient to you, and you need guidance to find an NMT in your area, we will be happy to steer you to those who provide true Neuromuscular Therapy. Our therapists produce results as can be witnessed in the pages of our client testimonials.