Posture Corrective Exercise


The exercise component of Nashville Neuromuscular Center is not cardiovascular nor weight training. We are focused on Posture Correction. You will be stronger and will be able to be active longer, but that is because your body structure is in a better position for movement. Again, we have a toolbox filled with different techniques proven to be effective and we use them all when creating our Posture Fitness Menus.

Our Posture Fitness Menus are specifically and uniquely designed to correct the imbalances in your body that are causing your pain. When you work with Nashville Neuromuscular Center Posture Therapists, you will get a plan modeled on your individual body position.

In our Posture Fitness Corrective Exercise Toolbox:

The precise asymmetrical posture corrective training of Paul Chek and Paul St. John, the Fascial Fitness philosophy of Tom Myers, 

the Foundation Training work of Eric Goodman, the rehab and prehab techniques of Stuart McGill, and NASM Corrective Exercise -  all influence Nashville Neuromuscular Center's Posture Fitness programs and are to be credited with our high success rates. We stay current with the latest findings of legitimate research studies.

Our therapists all come with their own unique training. Angie Gray is an NASMs Certified Corrective Exercise Coach and has taken Hannah Somatics training. Rebecca Saindon has worked with Posture Correction concepts of Paul St. John and Paul Chek, held NFPT fitness trainer certification for 16 years and completed certification in 2011 as a Posture Alignment Specialist.