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NeuroKinetic Therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a technique that uses manual muscle testing to assess how the motor control center in the cerebellum of the brain is storing the body's movement patterns.


From the time we are babies, we are creating movement patterns that the brain stores. When we experience injury, postural deviations, and overuse, we end up creating compensation patterns that can lead to dysfunction and pain. If one player in the movement comes out of the game, becomes inhibited or facilitated for various reasons, another one will end up taking over that job to perform the movement we ask our bodies to perform. However, that compensation may lead to pain until balance is created again between the muscle that became dysfunctional and the muscle that took over for it.


This technique allows the therapist to get to the root of the dysfunction that is causing the client's pain or discomfort by muscle testing to find muscles that are dysfunctional in relation to other muscles or movements that are involved in the imbalance. The therapist will release the facilitated (overactive) muscle using hands-on therapy. Then will follow the muscle release with activation of the inhibited (underactive) muscle to establish balance. The client will be given self-care homework in order to maintain this reprogramming of how the brain is processing the body's movement patterns.

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