"Angie has changed my life! I used to think the back / neck / arm pains I was dealing with were going to be life-long issues, but she has changed that! I've also learned so much about my body and muscles through doing Neurokinetic Therapy with her. It's been fascinating! - Miranda P.

"As a professional guitar player, sometimes my hands and arms get tightened and stressed. Angie helped loosen some things in my neck and shoulder area that gave me relief. I’ll certainly return for more sessions. All in all a great visit! Highly recommended." - Jeff K.

"Angie is great. Worked on neck and shoulder tightness and spasms. Relaxing but yet healing/working at the same time. I highly recommend Angie. If you have any aches and pains, please try this center." - C.C.

"My treatment has been very effective here. I highly recommend Angie Gray, NMT. I was in pain for 6 weeks with a shoulder injury. After my treatment the pain is greatly reduced." - Valerie Crawford

"I struggled with chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years, and got no relief through medical channels. A neurologist at Vanderbilt recommended I try neuromuscular massage therapy with Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center, and after diligent work with her, my pain is mostly gone, and what remains is very much under control. Rebecca, aside from being a wonderful person and a joy to visit, is an amazing therapist, and really got to the heart of my problem immediately. She has helped me undo years of compensation for the pain and the imbalance it created in my body. I wholeheartedly recommend her." ~Lisa B., Attorney


"I went in with severe muscle spasms in my shoulder, so bad I couldn't sleep and nothing I did on my own alleviated the pain or relaxed the spasm. I'd had this problem in the past, but nothing as severe as this time. NNC was a god send. Within the first session the spasm was relieved and with it the pain, and over a series of 5 sessions Rebecca Saindon got to the root of what was causing the spasms, taught me exercises specific to me to realign my posture (which was causing the problem). Five years later, I am thankful to say that I have not had any recurrence of the problem and now if I even get a twitch, I know what to do. The NNC staff is caring, personable and highly trained. I've referred family, friends and business associates and all have had the same wonderful results." ~Peg Allen

"I can't thank the Nashville Neuromuscular Center enough for helping me through the chronic pain I was experiencing.  After having a neurosurgeon review my xrays and an MRI, I followed through with the recommendations they set forth and was not seeing any progress.  I was desperate for help and started researching options on the internet.  I found the NNC website and it looked so promising.  I made an appointment and from that day forward my pain started to subside.  They gave me tips on posture, stretching exercises, massage and then a daily exercise plan.  Each day gets better and better and I don't know what I would have done without them.  I am so very thankful for the knowledge, caring and support I received from them.  After seeing how they work with you to eliminate pain and educate you on how to keep it from returning I will forever be grateful that I found the NNC! "   ~Kate Rafferty, Certified Surgical Technologist La Vergne, Tn

Great Work. My shoulder was surgically repaired three years ago and has never been the same. One visit there improved my mobility and alleviated a lot of pain. I am going back. ~Thom O'Rourke

"First some background; I'm a 31 yr. old desk jockey. I've been with my current employer for 12 yrs. I love my job and work long hours. About 2 years ago, I started experiencing constant neck and trapezoid tension (always on my right-hand side). I went to Dr.'s, Specialist, got MRIs, did Physical Therapy (for my neck and shoulder), tried Chiropractic, read books ("What to do for a Pain in your Neck" by Schofferman is good), watched YouTube, changed my work-station, bought countless pillows, etc. I TRIED EVERYTHING! A trainer at the YMCA recommended me going to Nashville Neuromuscular Center.  Rebecca Saindon (owner) did a posture analysis on me & I'm working on it ("there's a hitch in my giddyup"). The posture exercises, in concert with the integrative massage, have provided me immediate relief, and hope of getting better! WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE HOW THANKFUL I AM TO FINALLY BE IMPROVING!! Rebecca has a teacher's spirit; she is caring and knowledgeable (and quite funny too) !  I give Nashville Neuromuscular Center a full-throated recommendation!! Anyone in pain should give this place serious consideration!" ~Brett Mayo

"Rebecca, your procedure helped tremendously and interrupted the severity of the pain. I am a little  sore, but it is more of what you'd call a "good" sore and I have not needed pain medicine to function well. After I tell the doctor tomorrow  how much it helped, I would like you to fit me into ANY slot you might have." ~Betsy Mallory

"Several years ago, I was involved in a car accident and diagnosed with the unspeakable "whiplash." The doctor put me on painkillers and sent me to a physical therapist. The medicine made me sick and the PT worked with me for a couple of months and then told me she had done all that she could do. The pain continued to get worse. One day my stylist noticed that I couldn't bend my head back to put it in the sink. He recommended that I go to the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I was extremely skeptical. Rebecca Saindon has truly changed my life. Not to sound overly dramatic, but it's the truth. Through intense sessions of deep soft tissue work, stretches, lifestyle changes and diet and exercise, my body feels brand new. I can honestly say that I feel stronger and my body feels more aligned than when I was in my early twenties. My pain is gone. These people are highly intelligent professionals with the sincere concern for prevention and pain relief. It's hard for me to be objective, but Rebecca and NNC have dramatically improved the quality of my life and I feel grateful each day for this association." ~ (name withheld by request)