Nationally Board Certified

The Clinical Therapists who work at NNC , Angie Gray and Rebecca Saindon, are Nationally Board Certified and remain current in this status*. This is different from simply being a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Anyone who practices massage in Tennessee must be licensed. Licensure is a mandatory, entry level credential that allows a massage therapist to practice legally within his/her state.


Board Certification is a voluntary, higher level credential that extends beyond the basic requirements to show a deeper commitment to both the profession and the public – including more education, hands-on experience, and requires a background check. Board Certification was created to mirror other medical professions and to tier the massage therapy profession.


*This credential was first offered to Tennessee massage therapists via a written test in 1995. Lots of therapists took this initial basic test at that time, and some like to say or imply they are Board Certified because they took that first test years ago. But a lot has changed and evolved in the field of bodywork since 1995 and in order to truly have that right, and deserve that credential, a therapist must continue to meet certain advanced requirements every year. By maintaining this academic performance, NCBTMB Certificants can honestly speak to achieving a higher credential. Simply put, therapists holding current National Board Certification have earned the highest credential in the massage therapy and bodywork profession. If the validity of your therapist's qualifications is important to you, ask if their certifications are current or check the NCBTMB directory here.