Unbelievable - After 10+ years of pain, I had come to believe that I would live in chronic pain for the rest of my life. After one appointment I walked out of the office and felt like a different person. When I got home my wife immediately said, "Looks like that helped!" My whole mood was different. I honestly did not think Angie could help me as much as she did. - Nicolas Hosford

"Unexpected Miracle -The pain relief I received after just the first treatment is nothing short of a miracle. I endured countless chiropractic appointments and 8 weeks of physical therapy with little to no relief. Angie is very gentle and takes her time to tell you everything she's doing. I will be a customer for life!" - Angie S.


"I have had chronic low back pain for over 7 years and have tried everything including acupuncture, physical therapy, yoga, massage etc. While all are helpful none have given me quite the same relief as Angie's NKT therapy. This technique seems to restore my body's function in a way that allows me more flexibility, less stiffness and pain and a sense of balance and strength for a longer period of time. I am amazed at the noticeable relief in my low back and so grateful for Angie's expertise." - A.E.

"Angie was very helpful. I was getting ready to go on a hiking trip in Europe in a couple of weeks (Murphy's Law in effect) and had an acute back pain. Two visits with Angie and some instruction from her and I feel much better and confident of a great trip. Thank you Angie!" - Jim S. 

"Wonderful change in my daughter's pain and tightness in her back due to scoliosis and related muscular issues. Angie is remarkable in her vast array of knowledge and many techniques used." - I.G.



"I began feeling sharp, constant pain in my hamstring. I was active in athletics, so I thought I had just pulled a muscle. For 3 months, the pain only got worse and I finally went for an MRI which showed a lot of compression and damage to a disc in my low back. Several months of physical therapy, epidural injections and a multitude of other treatments provided no relief. I was in excruciating pain for almost a year and my life was miserable. I was on the brink of having back surgery, when I was referred to Rebecca Saindon for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. I admit I was skeptical that her PostureFitness exercises and massage techniques would be effective, since all else had failed. But in only 3 weeks my pain was significantly reduced. I was able to function normally and sleep well. After 3 more weeks my pain was completely gone. It is now several years since I completed my therapy with Rebecca and I still have no pain." ~Jim Catino, RCA Label Group

"Working with NNC has improved my quality of life so much! I hurt my back and they have reduced my pain dramatically and helped me prevent reinjury. Knowledgeable, kind, and super helpful. I highly recommend Nashville Neuromuscular Center." -K.S. - .
"After two car wrecks and 20 years of periodic misery, I believed my condition was just something I'd have to learn to live with the rest of my life.   The Nashville Neuromuscular Center was able to quickly assess the primary cause of my chronic pain, and provide a measure of relief in the first session. Over the past several months, I have seen continuous improvement to the point of not having to fear the dreaded spasms which used to drop me on the floor. After having seen a series of neurosurgeons, doctors, chiropractors and therapists, NNC was the only place able to provide the clinical care as well as long term guidance on specific exercise that has me very hopeful for a future without overwhelming back pain." ~Bill Karlson

"I was at the end of my rope after spending weeks with near-debilitating muscle pain from a large number of knots throughout my lower back and hips. I went to massage therapists, my doctor, a chiropractor, and physical therapy, but nothing worked. After one session with Rebecca Saindon, for the first time in over a month, I was able to walk around with a relatively normal posture and without significant pain. By the third day after my visit, I actually felt like myself again. I am really impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to help. After all the time and money I spent using more mainstream methods of treatment, I was glad to find someone who takes a systemic approach to the body. Rebecca's specific knowledge of neuromuscular therapy was EXACTLY what I needed. In one one-hour session, she did more for my back pain than anyone else! It's now been over three months and I have not had any pain. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me, Rebecca." ~Lee Bateman, BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc

'I began having pain in my side after the birth of my first child.  It wasn't incapacitating, but it was pain that I felt almost daily.  My discomfort was also obvious to those around me.  Friends and loved ones would ask me why I was sitting a certain way or in a certain position. It was always an attempt to alleviate my pain.  I had determined that this was a pain that I would live with and if anything,  it would probably only worsen with age.  Then a friend recommended the Nashville Neuromuscular Center to my husband and me.  After only a few visits, my pain was virtually gone.  I am amazed at how much better I feel -- remarkably better.  As I continue to do the exercises they taught me, I have true hope that my pain will never again be a problem.  I think NNC is great!  ~Sally H.

"Great job-exactly the pain relief I needed. Visiting from Arizona and  they worked on my back spasms and allowed me to keep working for the customer. Recommend them - professional and knowledgeable." ~Steve W.