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Headache Pain Relief

Many people in our community deal with headaches and come to Nashville Neuromuscular Care for help. The challenge with headaches is in determining the true source -- whether they are hormonal, vascular, or musculoskeletal. (Please note, it is out of our scope of practice to diagnosis the source of your headaches.)


A high percentage of headache cases we see are indeed musculoskeletal or what is commonly referred to as "tension headaches."  These headaches are typically a result of long term postural habits -- rounded backs, slumping sitting postures, poor computer/work station arrangements, fetal curl sleeping postures -- positions which do not support the weight of the head properly on the cervical spine and perpetuate a strain on the tissues. The minority of people with headaches which do not respond quickly to neuromuscular therapy are referred out for appropriate diagnosis and treatment for other potential causes.

If you are experiencing headaches, make an appointment with your clinical massage therapist at Nashville Neuromuscular Care and let's see if your posture or neck muscles are causing your discomfort. If it's musculoskeletal (cervicogenital), our work has been found to be highly effective. If it's not, we can refer you to a reputable resource. Regardless, we are on your team to get you to the help you need as expeditiously as possible.

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