"I've visited many masseuses and physical therapists in the Nashville area and finally found what I needed for my chronic headaches at Nashville Neuromuscular Center. Angie is very knowledgeable and attentive and has done so much to help me with my neck and shoulder pain, both through body work and through stretches she's taught me to do at home (and all at a very reasonable price!). Highly recommend!" - Brittney M.

"I came to Nashville Neuromuscular Center as a last resort in early 2004. I had been experiencing daily headaches almost as long as I could remember, and they were worsening with age. At the time I first saw Rebecca Saindon, I was taking three different prescription medications for sinuses and allergy, plus migraine medication as needed, plus what was probably an unhealthy amount of over-the-counter headache medicine, none with satisfactory results. No one could seem to find the source of my headaches, and I was actually scheduled for a CAT scan to determine if I had any tumors or growths that could be causing the pain. I really did not hold out much hope that Rebecca would be able to help me but was willing to try anything at that point. Miraculously, on my first visit for neuromuscular massage therapy, Rebecca found the source of my pain. And it was so simple! Years of bad posture and neck positioning had actually shortened the muscles in my neck. I had been my own worst enemy. After evaluating my posture and stance, Rebecca went right to the source of my pain - one application of pressure on the offending muscle immediately triggered the sharp temple to temple pain from which I had suffered for so long. (I was amazed...and so relieved! I felt better after the very first session. After a few sessions implementing certain rules and exercises to improve my posture, I experienced an amazing transformation. I was no longer taking any medication, whatsoever, for headaches or misdiagnosed sinus/allergy problems. Additionally, the neck problems for which I had sought periodic chiropractic care for years were also remedied. Rebecca has taught me so much. I am forever changed for having found Nashville Neuromuscular Center, and will be forever grateful to Rebecca for helping me. I would recommend NNC to anyone experiencing pain of any kind." ~Joanna Stanfield Montgomery

"I have not had that aching pain in the top of my head since you worked on me. It has been wonderful to have that one pain leave! You just don't know! It was at the point where just a light touch or running a brush through my hair hurt terribly and it ached constantly. You are amazing! I appreciate you so much. I tell all my fellow sufferers and doctors and therapists about NNC!  Thank you," ~Christa

"I suffered from neck pain and severe headaches for ten years. I visited every doctor that anyone recommended. There is no way to figure how many dollars were spent by me and my insurance company to no avail. Then someone suggested that I make an appointment with Rebecca Saindon. After everything I had been through I really didn't have much faith, but I was in so much pain I would have done most anything. After only two visits I knew I was on the right path. She explained everything she was doing and gave me exercises to do at home to accelerate the process. Almost immediately my headaches became less frequent. She also suggested other things that would help me, from the way my office is arranged to the way I lie in bed at night. After only a few months of neuromuscular massage therapy, I am pain free for the first time in ten years. There is no way to explain how this feels. If you are reading this, you are contemplating making an appointment. Don't put it off any longer. You deserve to feel good again."

~ Nina Crain