"Following a critical case of chronic meningo-encephalitis, I experienced numbness and heaviness of the extremities, ataxia, severe low back and shoulder pain. My physician thought Neuromuscular Massage Therapy would be beneficial and he was joined by another health care professional in recommending Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I have found Ms. Saindon to be a consummate professional with the client's well-being her primary consideration. I firmly believe Ms. Saindon has been an integral part of my recovery. I no longer require prescription medications to control the pain. The ataxia has almost completely resolved and I have a much greater range of motion. When I went back to work after two years absence, she consulted with my company regarding the ergo dynamics of my work station. Based on her recommendations, they made some simple changes that benefited me immediately and significantly reduced the pain in my shoulders. Ms. Saindon set goals with me, educated me, and allowed me to participate in my therapy. To someone who had been extremely active and independent before becoming totally dependent, the participation and sense of control were especially beneficial emotionally. Ms. Saindon has unquestioned integrity and is an outstanding representative of her profession."

M. J. Hyatt Licensed Medical TechnologistRegulatory Affairs Manager for ClinTrials Research

"Before you consider drugs, injections, or surgery, definitely give the Nashville Neuromuscular Center a try"~ Holly B.

"It is good to remember how smoothly a body can function. Rebecca can turn cranky muscles into silk, and it is such a pleasurable relief!" ~Brooke Allen

"We (my physician husband who researched & found NNC & I) have been very pleased with the evaluation, treatment,professionalism,timely response to phone messages, and my relationship with NNC. They are kind & caring and I have complete confidence in their knowledge and abilities to deal with my problems. I knew that right away on my first visit!!!"   ~ J.S.

"My therapist  was really wonderful. She listened really well, and worked on the places that needed work.  She has such a calm and caring way about her. She showed me some stretches  to do and explained why it was important and what it would help.  The thing I loved was that she was realistic about time!  These are things that can be done in very little time with maximum benefit. She was really knowledgeable and gave one of the best massages ever!!!!!"  ~Elyse Adler

"I have been privileged to be a client of Rebecca Saindon at Nashville Neuromuscular Center for several years whenever things crop up to cause me pain. The new technique she is using with me has helped incredibly with my range of motion, decreased my muscle tightness, lessened my pain and given me a better sense of overall well being. I have had several treatments and improved drastically with each one. Thank you, Rebecca, for consistently furthering your knowledge of how our bodies work and what they need to work better."  ~Jo Findley