"I woke up one morning with the room spinning every time I rolled over in bed or tried to sit up. Rebecca Saindon, my neuromuscular massage therapist in Nashville, commented that it might be benign positional vertigo and suggested I see my doctor for an evaluation. Sure enough the doctor's diagnosis was BPV. Rebecca did a simple maneuver to correct the position of some dislodged crystals in my inner ear and I did a homework version of the same. It only took a few minutes. The dizziness was immediately gone and has not returned." (client name withheld by request)


"Rebecca helped me tremendously with my vertigo. I was unable to get out of bed without being dizzy. After one session and doing the exercise she gave me at home, I am no longer dizzy." ~Kat Corbitt, Vanderbilt


"My world was constantly in motion. When I sat, my horizon was always shifting and when I walked, nothing around me stayed steady. Riding on an escalator made me dizzy; if I looked up or turned over in bed, my brain went into a sickening spin. I had benign paroxysmal positional vertigo but I felt like I was living in a washing machine - on spin cycle. Then Rebecca Saindon gently and expertly guided me through the Eppley maneuver. Bingo! My world is back to its usual pace. I've climbed out of the washer. Thanks, Rebecca ! ~Ginna P., Artist