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  • "Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is different from relaxation massage.
  • The people we see have specific problems. The treatments we provide draw from a wide variety of body work techniques which we combine under the moniker of our core work 'Neuromuscular Therapy.'
  • We try to help our clients reach their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible and then send them off to live a good life. 
  • We're not  interested in having folks become dependent on us week after week to keep the same old pain at bay. We actually want to resolve the source of that pain, so it is no longer an issue!
  • While we strive to educate and help our clients help themselves, most choose to continue with us for a regular schedule of maintenance, knowing these regular tune ups will help them prevent future injury and gain a better understanding of their musculoskeletal system and biomechanics."   ~Rebecca Saindon, Director

 What is NMT--Neuromuscular Massage Therapy?
Think of it as Holistic Orthopedics. This specific and scientific approach to muscular pain relief will help to normalize functional communication between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Many People seek out 'Deep Tissue' massage, and while Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is technically a deep tissue technique, it is not about the depth of pressure, but rather about specificity -- the specific placement of pressure. If the therapist is on the exact muscle fibers involved, they will not necessarily need to exert a heavy hand in order to be effective. We do not subscribe to the "no pain, no gain" philosophy in our application of Neuromuscular Therapy.


 Neuromuscular Therapy enhances the function of joints, muscles, and biomechanics (movement). It is a noninvasive and economically feasible method of pain treatment in Nashville and is effective in treating cases like low back pain, neck pain, arm and shoulder pain, hip and knee problems, TMJ pain, headache, and scoliosis. When used in conjunction with other medical modalities, Therapeutic Neuromuscular Massage can be a very efficient part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Or NMT is itself a stand-alone treatment approach. We are happy to work in conjunction with your Physician, athletic trainer, yoga/pilates instructor, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, or other Healthcare Provider. 


The Nashville Neuromuscular Center 

With our Clinical therapists, a therapeutic Massage begins with a thorough assessment of the client's individual posture, history, and movement patterns. That  therapist may design a plan which includes movement homework to address and correct any imbalances.   Early on, Rebecca realized that  therapeutic massage alone was not enough - that specific and precise strengthening is a key element in the process of relieving pain and restoring posture.
So she became certified as a personal fitness trainer and began study with Paul Chek to ensure the knowledge necessary to be working within this scope of expertise. At that time she expanded NNC to include a small private gym onsite.  Both Rebecca and Angie have been Certified as Corrective Posture Alignment Specialists in Nashville. The NNC team is now moving on to incorporat more relevant techniques of Neural Kinetic Therapy/Neuromuscular Reprogramming, and the Fascial Fitness techniques of Tom Myers into their work as the new research develops. Other of our therapists are skilled in other posture correcting exercise and advanced clinical massage techniques.   
NNC  is a multidisciplinary practice offering the skilled application of several therapeutic massage and  manual bodywork techniques. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate your ability to attain the most efficient body posture to maximize painfree movement patterns, and to educate you about how to maintain this  posture without being dependent on any particular therapist or modality to keep you functioning well.  Nashville Neuromuscular Center's therapeutic massage therapists are constantly evolving and strive to maintain a true level of expertise in each of their own areas.  Do note that 'learning' a modality or technique is not the same as proving proficiency in that field by attaining the standard of certification. All therapists on staff are well trained and produce results as can be witnessed in the pages of our client testimonials.  
Nashville Neuromuscular Center maintains a No-Tipping Policy. We see our services as more clinical as opposed to spa massage. Our rates reflect value and no gratuity is required or expected.